Al Roker comes to SUNY Oswego Campus

OSWEGO N.Y – The famous meteorologist and TV personality Al Roker was on the SUNY Oswego campus today and yesterday to help teach the class “Building an On Air Career alongside professor Micheal

Riecke.” Roker has been working with the class through Zoom all semester. Students say they

have learned a lot of valuable lessons from Roker. 

“The one thing I took away from this is practice, practice, practice. Al told us almost every week

how he still practices before he goes on air. He still practices like just all the time. It’s the only

way you are going to get better. I think that is one of the best pieces of advice I got from him in

the class,” said student Scott Brubaker.

Garrett Chan also says he was able to take a lot away from the class. 

“He says this a lot about constantly improving even for him he has been in the industry for so

long and he is trying to find every way to get better and I feel like that even as a college student

you’re always trying to get to that next level.”

Students also expressed how grateful they are for the experience. 

”It was really a cool experience, you don’t really have the opportunity to have a professor that’s

also a really prestigious alumni and also being on the Today Show every day,” said student Thomas Turgeon. 

Early this morning Roker was on campus to do a live hit for the Today Show with students in the

crowd. But before he was live, he gave a little advice to the students.

“Really enjoy this, take advantage of as much as you can. Whatever your major is take as many

courses that aren’t in your major. Crazy goofy different stuff because that will make you a better