Many of SUNY Oswego’s student leaders are graduating in May. Who will take their place? 

OSWEGO,N.Y. — The spring 2024 semester has brought different challenges to some of SUNY Oswego’s student-run organizations and clubs. One of those challenges –  a good percentage of their student leaders are graduating in just under two months.

“We counted up the other day. It’s around 30, which is a lot. It’s the most I think that have graduated at one time since I’ve been here,” WTOP-TV General Manager Michael Griswold said.

Griswold has been a part of the station for the past three years.

 “ It’ll definitely be a lot of loss of people in leadership positions. So, right now we’re really focusing on finding people who we want to fill our roles” WTOP-TV News Director Natalie Barden said.

Recruitment plays a crucial part in helping student-run organizations gain new members. Events like the involvement fair and admitted students day make recruiting easier for groups. SUNY Oswego’s Office of Student Engagement and Leadership plays an important role in the recruitment process by hosting events like the involvement fair and advising group officers, Associate Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Michael Paestella said. He also works closely with student leaders to recruit and develop new members with leadership potential.

“Its officers come in and say, hey, we’re struggling with this, what can we do? And that’s a big part of my role is some of that individual coaching meetings with two or three officers,” Paestella said.

Student leaders say that they are hopeful that the future of their organizations will be bright.