Brightspace receives some positive reviews from students and faculty

OSWEGO, N.Y.–  SUNY Oswego transitioned from Blackboard to Brightspace for the fall 2022 semester. As students started their classes they were required to learn how to use this academic platform. 

Mia Lynch, an undergraduate student at Oswego, gave a positive review of the new system.

“Yeah, I think the layout on Brightspace is easier because like each class has its like own page with like multiple content tabs and stuff and it just looks like a better layout to it in my opinion,” Lynch said. 

Brightspace helped professor Kathleen Locklear make the changes she wanted to bring to some of her courses. 

 “I use it as an opportunity to restructure my courses and make some other changes that I wanted to do anyway,” Locklear said. 

Haley Muehl, another undergraduate student, notes it is a change everyone is paying for. 

“Like I’ve had to use Google Classroom, Blackboard, now Brightspace so it’s kind of just like it’s a new change it’s whatever… I don’t know I’m just kind of going with the flow…I’m paying to be here so I guess I gotta learn how to use it, ” Muehl said. 

If students are experiencing any issues with Brightspace, they can contact Campus Technology Services by emailing or visiting their office at 26 Lanigan Hall.