Tyler Hall showcases art by Oswego alum, Vietnam veteran

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Tyler Hall, home to the Oswego Art Gallery, is filled with paintings from artists in the Oswego area and other artists around the world. This week the gallery is showing off the work of Paul Pearce, a SUNY Oswego alum. Pearce fought in the Vietnam War, a conflict he did not want to be a part of, but was drafted to fight in.

Lowell Hutcheson, the assistant art director of the gallery, says his art is driven by his time in the war.

“A lot of his work kind of explores that relationship between being a veteran, but also somebody who was called to participate in conflict and violence,” said Hutcheson. 

Pearce shows his struggles with the war through his clay soldier art and photographs on display throughout the gallery. His art is part of a larger effort that brings new exhibitions to Tyler Hall throughout the year. 

The next showcase on schedule is the 60th annual juried student exhibition. This showcase will feature student artwork. Hutcheson says the school will elect a juror to select the art.

“One of the committees on campus nominates to be the juror of the show,” said Hutcheson. “So that changes every year.”

The art gallery hopes to have more showcases in the spring.

SUNY Oswego student Romeo Yotat said he’s excited to see the new artwork produced by the students.

“I’m actually looking forward to going to see my friends and see all of the hard work payoff,” said Yotat.

The student showcase opens on March 10 and runs through April 2. 

For more information head to the Tyler Hall Art Gallery website.