Upstate New York begins to see gas prices settle

After weeks of rising fuel prices due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces, New York is seeing its first glimpse of gas prices beginning to stabilize.

According to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, gas in Upstate New York has dropped by an average of 8 cents since last week. This number is still almost a 50% increase compared to this time last year, however, it’s almost 2% lower than last week.

The slight drop in price came as a surprise to many. Patti Artessa, AAA’s regional director of public/government affairs, expected the price increase to continue.

In years past, the warmer weather and time change garnered more demand for gas. However, with many limiting their driving over the extraordinarily high rates last week, that demand fell and prices are beginning to reflect that shift.

“It’s nice, I’m glad that things are starting to steady out. Hopefully we can return to some sense of normalcy, which I feel like we’ve been saying for two years or so. I’m excited,” said Jonathan Rockwell, a SUNY Oswego commuter.

For those in Oswego, especially students, this brings a sense of optimism. However, this optimism may be short lived with crude oil rising a dollar since March 23.