New York state sets new gun laws

OSWEGO, NY — A new New York state law will place more restrictions on people convicted of domestic violence.

The new law was passed last week by a vote of 85-32 in the state assembly and 41-19 in the state senate. The new law ensures that people convicted of domestic crimes cannot get their hands on a gun. The state already requires that those convicted of domestic crimes surrender their handguns. New York state will now require those convicted for domestic crimes to hand over their long guns, including rifles and shotguns.

People arrested for domestic crimes could also be affected by the new law. Being arrested for certain and serious misdemeanors can result in a person losing their ability to obtain or renew their gun license.

We reached out to the Oswego City Police Department for a comment on the new gun laws to find out how it would affect the city and department, but Lieutenant Zachary Misztal said it’s too early to tell.

“We have to wait for clear guidelines from the state before we can implement the new law in the department and city,” Misztal said.

There is no timeline for when the department will receive the guidelines.

The new law also states that anyone wanted for a serious crime or felony will also not be able to obtain or renew their license to own a firearm.