Fall open houses return to SUNY Oswego campus

Oswego, N.Y. – If you’ve been on campus lately, you’ve probably noticed SUNY Oswego students, followed by large groups of prospective students and their families. That’s right, fall open houses have returned once again for potential “Lakers” to view the campus.

This can be a nerve-wracking period in these students’ lives in choosing a future college, and colleges are realizing now more than ever the importance of hosting these events. 

Prospective students and their families traveled all the way to SUNY Oswego to find out more about what the school has to offer.

G Gagnier is a tour guide who has worked his way up to now working with the Office of Admissions.

“At first, I thought it would be like any other job but now I went there. I did my training, and now four years later, I’m an intern with the office, and it’s been a great experience,” Gagnier said.

Because of prior COVID-19 restrictions, Associate Director of Admissions Sandra Montalvo says that this is the first Saturday fall open house since 2019. She admits that open house events are more helpful for students when they occur in person, and that it is very important for students to come to campus to see if they are “getting that vibe and making sure that this is going to be a place for you.”

The pandemic made a dent on college admission rates all over the country. However, Montalvo said that the admissions team still holds high expectations for their applicants. 

“We at Oswego are really looking for well-rounded students, but we’re also looking for students to contribute to the campus and to the community,” Montalvo said.

On the other hand, Gagnier strives to convey his experiences as a college student in a certain way so that he can tell prospective students what they will experience at SUNY Oswego “because they’ve never been to a college” before.

Montalvo said that before visiting Oswego’s campus, she encourages students and their families to try to come to these events prepared.

“Start to think about what’s really important to you during your visit, taking a look at the schedule in advance, even when families are checking in for these events we really recommend that they take a minute and start marking up their programs and figuring out what it is they want to attend,” Montalvo said. 

Other than Fall Open Houses to get acquainted with the SUNY Oswego campus, prospective students have plenty of other options to see the campus. For instance, the admissions office offers information sessions, and other virtual appointments and events such as an “Ask Me Anything” Zoom meetings with current SUNY Oswego students. To find out more about upcoming events regarding Admissions, visit www.oswego.edu/admissions.