‘Bird’ scooters return to Oswego

OSWEGO N.Y. –  The popular electric scooter company Bird has made its return to the city of Oswego. The Birds first landed in Oswego back in July 2021 and return to the city every summer.  

Oswego residents have positive thoughts about the flock coming back. 

“I feel like they’re good use for people that don’t especially have cars to travel from one place to another,” said Oswego resident Linda Bower.

 “I do have older teenager kids that love them, just to even ride for something to do, so I think they’re really something good for the community,”  Bower continued.

Some students at SUNY Oswego are long-time users of e-scooters. They’ve found them useful and effective for transportation.

“I’ve been using Birds for like two years,” said SUNY Oswego student Samuel Young.

“I live off campus so it’s been a great experience using Birds a great way of transportation when you miss the bus,” continued Young.

The city has identified Wright’s Landing, Breitbeck Park, Oswego City Hall, and Lakeside Park as pick-up locations. Scooters are also GPS-tracked daily, so stealing a scooter is not possible without consequences.  If the user rides recklessly or causes issues with scooters, they can be banned from using the app to rent a scooter. 

To learn more about the Bird scooters, visit their website.