The Class of 2017 and The Future at SUNY Oswego



With the Admissions office at SUNY Oswego preparing to admit new students for the Class of 2017, the status of this graduating class looks better then last year, according to the Admission Director Daniel Griffin. “Things are looking very good for the fall, deposits are running well ahead of last year, 25% more freshman deposits than last year at this time,” said Griffin.

Even though there it is still a lot of time before May. The admissions office are feeling very good about the direction they are taking. A new report was released recently named, WICHE (the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education). This report shows more optimism for the future than the report that Oswego has been seeing since 2008. “We’re just now studying the report, but it paints a very different picture than the one we’ve been seeing since 2008,” said Griffin.


This problem that Oswego faces for the Class of 2017 and the future is more of a change in the demographics. “The number of projected high school graduates in New York State is not as bleak as we once thought, but it’s where they’re located that is key. Downstate, Long Island, New York City, and so depending on where colleges are located they will have varying degrees of success, also determined by how well they adjust to the changing numbers,” said the Director of Admissions Daniel Griffin.

SUNY Oswego has double their efforts to attract more students out of state,downstate, Long Island, and New York City. Their International Education office is also making agreements in other countries. Due to this, Oswego was able to enroll 40 students from South Korea in January. They are taking the social media route too by using Facebook and Twitter to interact with the students. Admissions was able to launch a online guidebook to help attract more ‘stealth applicants.” Which are students who apply, but do not visit the campus.

With a lot of pressure on both the college and the admissions office to counter this drop in number of high school graduates. It seems that the Class of 2017 at Oswego  is looking great and on track to admit more students then before. The admissions office has taken many leaps to avoid this decline, but feel confident that they will still be able to attract new students as the future looms near.